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Kitchen Magic is Committed to Helping Mobility Challenged Clients with Barrier-Free, Adaptable Kitchens

Kitchen MagicKitchen Magic works with homeowners to create completely functional, modified, and wheelchair accessible kitchens. Each kitchen is completely customized for each homeowner, transforming what was once an obstacle into an accessible, safe environment for mobility challenged clients.


Kitchen Magic provides custom refacing, handcrafted cabinetry, and luxury countertops to homeowners with all ranges of accessibility. Family-owned and -operated, Kitchen Magic is the leading kitchen remodeling company in the Northeast. Kitchen Magic is dedicated to offering independence to those that have sustained severe injuries or live with cardiopulmonary and neurological diseases and have difficulty moving freely around their kitchens.


The Kitchen Magic family is committed to providing mobility challenged clients with adaptable, barrier-free kitchens that will improve the occupant’s ability to accomplish everyday tasks.


Kitchen Magic is well aware that, for homeowners with a limited range of mobility, daily tasks within the kitchen can become time consuming and frustrating. Cooking and cleaning quickly become tedious and difficult, even hazardous, and many must seek help from others, diminishing much-desired personal independence in the kitchen. Kitchen Magic offers a solution to these issues.


Adaptable kitchens widen the range of mobility for homeowners with challenges. Kitchen Magic offers wall and floor cabinets that are lowered. Kitchen Magic designs kitchen that integrate pull-down shelves, lazy susans, and pull out pot drawers, cutting boards, and spice racks. For ease of use with appliances, Kitchen Magic offers mobility challenged clients easy-to-load dishwashers, ovens and microwaves. The heightened accessibility within the kitchen is a safe solution for those with difficulty.


In addition, Kitchen Magic clients will be able to avoid hazards from pots that are hard to see and avoid burning their skin or clothes. Kitchen Magic clients will also be able to reach cabinets and appliances with ease, allowing them to safely place and remove dishware or hot items. Kitchen Magic helps homeowners lower the risk of injury by installing sinks that are easy to use. Further adaptations Kitchen Magic can implement include open space for wheelchair accessibility beneath countertops and sinks and additional pull-out cutting surfaces for a more comfortable food preparation space.


Recently, Kitchen Magic has also partnered with and helped sponsor the Helen Hayes Rehabilitation Hospital in West Haverstraw, New York, in the renovation of its “Smart Apartment,” a demo apartment meant to simulate the spectrum of accessibility available to the hospital’s rehabilitation patients transitioning from the rehabilitation center back home.


Kitchen Magic understands that each circumstance is unique, and therefore each adaptable kitchen is customized for each mobility challenged client, optimizing each kitchen’s efficiency and function based on personal needs. Offering customizable kitchen remodeling to seven states, Kitchen Magic is passionate about providing an accessible kitchen that is safe and enjoyable for those with all ranges of difficulty.


With hundreds of color and style options to choose from, Kitchen Magic provides mobility challenged homeowners practical modifications to create a kitchen transformation that is accessible, attainable and beautiful.

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